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Female body types

I can advise you how to choose your clothes according to your body shape. There are five main body shapes: hourglass, ruler, upside-down triangle, pear and apple. Choose the shape that you think you are:

Hourglass - Your weight is evenly distributed on top and bottom with some or a definite waistline


Belted styles

Wide leg trousers

Wrap dresses


Baggy jumpers


Ruler - Your weight is evenly distributed with little or no waistline


Low waisted jeans

Bias cut skirts

Halter necks

Wrap dresses

Wearing one colour


Upside - down triangle-Your eight is carries in your upper body. You have broad shoulders and may have a large bust. Your hips are narrow


Full skirts

Bright colours on bottom half

Bootleg or wide leg trouser

Puff sleeves

Halter necks


Pear - Your body is larger below the waist. You are smaller on top and may have a small bust and a small waistline


A-line skirts

Fitted boot cut or straight leg jean

Boat and slash neck tops

Keep dark colours on your bottom half

Bias cut skirts dresses

Cropped trousers


Apple - You carry most of your weight in the middle of your body. Your waist is larger than your bust or hips



Single breasted that

Do up below your bust line

Flared or A-line skirts

Flat fronted trousers

Empire line dresses

stripes, horizontal or vertical

Boxy jackets
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